Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression


Nonduality Salon (/ \)

White Stone, Final Celebrity

Jerry Katz

"When the final barrier has been passed, and the final victory won, God will give us to eat of the hidden manna --  the sustenance of the life eternal that knows neither limit nor decay --  and the white stone, the shining jewel, the pure soul, which is the resplendent reflection of his own glory, and the undimmed revelation of what we eternally are in Christ."     R.J. Campbell

"There was a precious stone, lustrous and  resplendent -- for that is the force of the word white here, not a dead white, but a brilliant coruscating white -- on which there was something written which no eye but one ever saw... ."  A. Maclaren.


These are beautiful words that make Truth seem so far away. A romantic evocation.

The White Stone is I AM.

No eye but one ever saw what is written upon the Stone.

What is written upon the White Stone is I AM.

When That is seen, there only is one eye.

I AM and the one eye are the same:

That "brilliant coruscating white" is All That Is.

The Stone, the White, that which is written upon it --

These are One: I AM.

In today's world in which we are helplessly surrounded  not by stones but celebrities,

(Think you're not? Think of your books, computers, cd's, paintings, posters, running shoes, perhaps your life...)

Awareness is helped by considering the Final Celebrity.

Final barrier passed, final victory won, you become the Final Celebrity.

Now the riddle: There is a celebrity you achieve when you pass the final barrier, when you win the final victory. Assigned to that celebrity is a name only one has ever known. What is that name? Whose name is it?

There is only one occurrence: I AM.

It is the brilliant coruscating white, the hidden manna, the One Day, the only occurrence.

May you attend unceasingly to I AM.

Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression