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Self-Knowing Song


  Self-Knowing Song
by Sri Bhagawan -- translated

Verse 1

With the Self abiding doubtlessly as the Truth at all times, for even a small atom of the thought (" I am this body" ),

inhering with the falsity of "the body-world that is Unreal, sprouting and rising as the Real" to subside without escape, the Self, of the Nature of the Sun of the Sky of Abiding Truth, will shine;

the darkness (of a separative-world--consciousness) will subside;

the dis-ease (of body-consciousness) will merge (into the Self); (and) the Bliss (of the Self) will gush forth (from within).

Hey! (It is) Very easy - Self-knowing
Hey! (It is) Very easy.

Verse 2

Because, only the thought, 'This flesh-filled-body alone am I', is 'the one thread sustaining the many thoughts',

if (you) go inside (seeking), "Which is the 'I-originating-place'?", with the thoughts disappearing, as "I-I", in the cave (of the Heart, that is the 'vessel', for melting the five types of the 'metals' of sensual impressions), of its own (accord), will shine, the Self-Knowledge!;

this is, Silence!;

(this is,) Abiding-with-Life!;

(this is,) the Abode-of-Bliss!

Hey! (It is) Very easy - Self-knowing
Hey! (It is) Very easy.

Verse 3

(Of) What (avail it is) to know which(ever spurious) outgrowth, without the knowing of the Self ?

Knowing the Self, then, what is (there) to know ?

Perceiving in (one)self, that Self, stated to be 'the undifferentiated Light' in different beings, will shine within (one)self, the Self-Shine!

the Grace-Uncommon!

the self(ego)-desctruction!

the Bliss-Expanse!

Verse 4

With the loosening, of the one primal bondage of 'work',

With the springing (into existence), of the one primal loss of (the) 'birth' (of the ego),

more than whichever 'that' (non-native) other path (in vogue), 'this' path (of Self-Knowing through Self-Enquiry is) very easy.

'Abiding still seated (in the Self)', without a little of the 'cause' of the work of body, mind and speech, Listen! (there wiil be) the Light of the Self within, the Eternal Experience-Knowledge!

(the) Fear (of the ego) will not be, (but, only) the Ocean of Bliss (of the Self, will be)!

Verse 5

1 Abiding as the space even of the mental-space, (abiding) as the eye even of the mental eye, (which is) the eye, of the sense-organs beginning with the eye, (which are) brought about (or brought into existence) by (the elements beginning with) space,

2 the one thing,-
a) abiding without thinking of the other,
b) shining in the inward-seeking mind,

3 the Annamalai (the mountain Arunachala), my Self, will see (Itself, the Self)!

Even Grace (you) pray (from It, the Self), Love will adjoin (you);

Bliss will arise (in you).

5th 5-line Song on Self-Knowing translated
And, translation of this song thus gets completed

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