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... Nonduality Salon( /\) Highlights #301 Click here to go to the next issue. MARK OTTER There is a wonderful song by Van Morrison on his album "Common One" called "When Heart Is Open". I wish I could play it for you. "When there's no coming and there's no goin..." Mmmmmm.... I dunno, it may sound soppy, but we ARE flowers opening. (and being source for bee happiness, and wilting and dying and being fertilizer for new plants, and, and, and... and maybe it just is and we can just be.) I am enjoying the opening and I'm in no hurry to be "fully open", whether such a state exists or doesn't exist, or ...
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... it takes a million years.The shit will begin to drop away on its own all by itself.We just have to be willing to pay attention .People talk about annihilating the ego and all that and really what were are talking about is bare bones self esteem for the most part,at least for me.The cup has to be empty before it can be filled up.So if you can't drop it.Just drop dropping it. So like Van Morrison who sings swallow the pain,swallow the hurt,I bet you will be safe and sound...Bye for now.Om ,Alan top of page ...
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