I think our difficulties arise in that gap between
"knowing about truth" and "being truth". Someone said " There are
nowadays professors of philosophy, because there were once philosphers.
It is admirable to profess, because it was once admirable to live." I
like to ask "what if" I did have an answer..then so what?
Imagine you could discover "why"..does that change the "what" of any
experience? So whatcha gonna do? For starters, you cannot go wrong, by
looking deeply into what you ARE experiencing..
Your good questions are what keeps the list going. This is a good place
to ask them. I doubt you wandered in here by mistake. Just look at all
the great posts you have already inspired. Still your one good question
is worth more than all our so called answers.
What calls and speaks to you? What signs along your road seem useful
directions? What do you already know? The bells of truth that ring and
the lights that beckon are useful aspirations.
What's it gonna take to wake you up ..if you are immune to an urn of
coffee already?
It may be useful to remember there is unconscious resistance at work or
even to wonder what it may be about to some extent. Too much delving
into why and seeking psychological reasons for every little thought is
also a good way to make yourself more crazy. If it feels like too much
of a is.
Why let some spiritual busybodies nosy in to disturb your sanctuary with
their silly advice? Even via email. I mean you can listen to music and
read books for diversion..who needs Walmart??
If we turn the very spirituality which COULD save us from ourselves into
yet another competitive striving...the spiritual olympics..we may as
all sit around and watch those late night infomercials on how to get
rich in real estate or get rid of wrinkles. What IS the difference?