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Experiencing The Work of Byron Katie
by Kriben Pillay

A 36-minute video-taped interview with a woman who
underwent a remarkable transformation after experiencing
The Work of Byron Katie.

"In February, 2002, Itala participated in a two-day
workshop on Transformative Training and The Work of
Byron Katie, in Windhoek, Namibia, facilitated by Dr.
Kriben Pillay. Coming from a background of severely
traumatising life situations, it was pointed out that
Itala might find the process too unsettling. But in the
space of three months The Work too over Itala's inward
journey the led to a remarkable transformation." --from
the CD insert and website:


Itala's Transformation
by Kriben Pillay

A Review

This attractively produced movie by Dr. Kriben Pillay,
introduces the significance, meaning, impact and power
of Byron Katie's Work. Itala tells how she used the Work
to the point where everything, all unnecessary baggage,
as she calls it, had fallen away.

One can feel Itala coming from the stillness, the space
of freedom, as she delivers a few words. Some fragments:

"Everything is a story." "My history has disappeared."
"Nothing matters. Everything is perfect." "Words have
not been created for this." "I have nothing to say."

The interviewer asks, "Who is seeing this?" Itala: "I
don't know. And it doesn't matter. Nothing matters."

"You had a fairly traumatized past," the interviewer
begins. "How do those events appear to you now which for
an average person would be very, very traumatic ... in
fact could turn many a person into the extreme of mental
insanity or even suicide."

Itala: "... it's my wisdom ... all of that has been my
wisdom and the wise steps bringing me to this point."

Itala responds to the interviewer's question about how
she relates to the perpetrator of her traumatic
experiences: "(I had this) extreme feeling of 'thank
you' for giving me your wisdom. It was a total loving of
this person, of 'you are my wisdom'."

She talks about the difference realization has made in
her life. She speaks of family, career, the future. We
hear a bottom line statement: "I see perfection. And
stillness. I have stillness. An immense, immense

The reader should be aware that this movie does not give
examples of Itala actually going through The Work.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie (even more the second
time) and the time spent with one whose history has
disappeared, and the timeless scenes and sounds of

--Jerry Katz, Founder, Nonduality Salon

Experiencing The Work of Byron Katie
by Kriben Pillay

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