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Highlights #749

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Saturday June 23, 2001


forwarding this from Petros:


Attending satsang with Ammachi the other day in Burbank I found myself
preferring to leave the ballroom and sit in the hotel vestibule just
outside, deep in meditation. Rather than listening to disciples'
testimonies and Ammachi's public sermon I somehow found it more enriching to simply
meditate on the other side of the wall in relative solitude. I was able
to enter into a profound meditative state thanks to her proximity, without
actually seeing or hearing her directly. It has often been said that
many public gurus offer a fairly mundane verbal message for the public, while
offering more subtle blessings for those prepared to receive them, and
this seemed to be an instance of this effect. Incidentally, I also saw
Bhagavan Das in attendence and he too was clearly in a fairly strong meditative
state in Ammachi's presence.

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Reincarnation is about death
If you do it right - 'you' only have to do it once


"Serenely radiance illumines the whole universe;

The ignorant, the wise, all dwell in one abode.

When no thought arises, One is revealed;

If the six sense organs move just a little,
it is covered by clouds.

Cutting off ignorance causes it to grow;

Looking for truth is of no avail.

Living at one with things of the world creates no problem;

Nirvana and life-and-death are like flowers of air".

posted on Harsha Satsangh by Joyce Short

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